Isshinryu Karate


  American Okinawan Karate Academy was founded by Grand Master Arnold R. Sandubrae, Ku-Dan/Hanshi, in Palm Springs, California.  Hanshi Sandubrae has given permission to his Grandson, Master Aaron R. Sandubrae Shihan, to open American Okinawan Karate Academy, LLC d.b.a. Isshinryu Karate Sandubrae, in Piedmont Oklahoma.  A.O.K.A. is Oklahoma's only Traditional Isshinryu Karate Dojo.  Sandubrae Shihan is proud to expand the Sandubrae Karate Family and further the art of Isshinryu Karate.  He will strive every day to walk the path laid before for him by his Sensei and Grandfather and honor the legacy C.G.M. Tatsuo Shimabuku.

   At A.O.K.A. Oklahoma Dojo we teach Traditional Isshinryu and Self-Defense.  Our goal at A.O.K.A. is to teach Self-Defense, Self-Control, Respect, Honor, Discipline, Humility, Confidence and Self-Esteem.  We view Karate as more than a fighting art.  To us it is a way of life.  We strive to take the lessons we learn in class and apply them to our lives in an effort to find balance.  As in Karate, balance is key in life.

  We are all here to improve our lives.  Each one of us enters the Dojo for our own personal reasons, however, while we are in the Dojo we have a common goal.  That is to help each other grow in Karate.  As you grow in Karate you will notice it merging into every aspect of your life.  At A.O.K.A. you earn your rank through hard work and perseverance.  You must push yourself to do better every class.  By doing so you will eventually achieve your goals.  Although everyone moves at his/her own pace, they also have the help and support of Sensei  Sandubrae his Black Belts and all the other students in the Dojo.  Remember, each of us started in exactly the same place, as a white belt with the desire to learn and grow.  We will make sure you learn something every class and build on what you have learned in previous classes.

  We are a Self-Defense Dojo and are committed to teaching effective and practical self-defense techniques.  With that in mind we also place an emphasis on Self-Control and Safety.   Remember we are here to Help each other, Not to Hurt each other!

  At this point Sandubrae Shihan would like to thank his Sensei,  Arnold R. Sandubrae Hanshi for always believing in him.  With Hanshi Sandubrae's guidance, and often times his patience, Shihan Sandubrae has been able to achieve his goals in Karate.  Shihan Sandubrae now has the opportunity to pass on what he has learned to others who have the desire to learn.