Isshinryu Karate


Aaron Sandubrae, Shihan
Veronica C. Sandubrae Sho-Dan
Veronica Sandubrae

  Master Sandubrae officially began his training in Isshinryu Karate in 2003 under the instruction of Grand Master Arnold R. Sandubrae, Ku-Dan, Hanshi, in Palm Springs, California. He moved to California for the sole purpose of training under his Grandfather,  Hanshi Sandubrae.  In 2005 Sensei Sandubrae won his first International Tournament, 1st place in Kumite and 2nd place in Kata, at the Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament.  Sensei Sandubrae continued studying, earning his Black Belt after years of training.  Over the years Shihan Sandubrae competed in many tournaments and collected  many trophies in Kata, Kumite and Weapons however, he believes that Martial Arts is not about winning trophies its about Self-Defense and Self-Improvement.  On July 20, 2018 Shihan Aaron R. Sandubrae was honored as Male Instructor of the Year by the Isshinryu Hall of Fame.

 Master Sandubrae is originally from Oklahoma and has now returned to share what he has learned with as many students as possible and further the art of Isshinryu Karate.  Aaron has earned the title of Shihan (Master Instructor) and has been certified to teach Isshinryu Karate and Self-Defense by Hanshi Arnold R. Sandubrae, Ku-Dan.  As such, he is the owner and Shihan of American Okinawan Karate Academy LLC, Oklahoma's only Traditional Isshinryu Karate Dojo.

  Master Sandubrae has chosen to supplement his training with the art of brick breaking, which is not a mandatory part of training at A.O.K.A.  He knows all 8 empty hand Katas taught in Isshinryu Karate and 7 weapons Katas.  He and his wife are committed to teaching the average person practical and effective self-defense techniques. 

Veronica Sandubrae began training in 2009 and as Master Sandubrae's Senior Student she has earned  her Black Belt after years of  hard work.  She is the leader of our Women's Self Defense Course's and is very passionate about teaching women how to defend themselves.  She is an excellent Mother and Wife!  At IHOF 2018 Veronica was a Finalist for Female Karate-Ka of the Year and took 1st place in Black Belt Kumite.

Together  Sensei Sandubrae and Mrs. Sandubrae have purchased a 4,300sqft building in the heart of old town Piedmont, Oklahoma that is now the A.O.K.A. Dojo.  They teach dozens of students (Adults and Kids) and have plenty of room to grow! 


Aaron R. Sandubrae

Master Instructor